Investor Relations

Board Charter / Board Committees Terms of Reference

This Charter sets out clear functions reserved for the Board and those delegated to management.

Roles Of Board

  1. Board Composition

    The composition of the Board shall make up of directors including independent directors in compliance with the Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad and all other applicable laws.

  2. Role of Board

    The Board recognizes its duties and has adopted this Charter as a general statement of its expectations as to how it will discharge its duties. The Board also believes that this Charter will be of assistance to the Board in its ongoing assessment of its own performance and that of individual Directors.

    The Board's principal functions and responsibilities include the followings:-

    1. Setting and reviewing strategic plans for the Group.
    2. Identifying principal risks and implementing appropriate system to manage such risks.
    3. Oversee the performance of Group businesses.
    4. Review the adequacy of the Group's system of internal controls.
  3. Role of Directors

    In discharging his/her duties, each Director must:-

    1. exercise care and diligence;
    2. act in good faith in the best interest of KKB;
    3. not improperly use his/her position or misuse information of KKB;
    4. commit the time necessary to discharge effectively his/her role as a Director.

    Independent Directors and External Auditor should confer at least twice a year without the presence of the Executive Directors.

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